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Sparkling Purple Kaleidoscope

Sparkling Purple Kaleidoscope

SKU: P4KSPk0237

Sparkling Purple Steampunk Kaleidoscope


Look into the chrome eyepiece on top of the kaleidoscope. The chamber at the opposite end contains a combination of different colored transparent and translucent forms. As you look toward a light source, turn the acrylic cylinder to see the kaleidoscope effect on the light, the shapes and the colors. 


Fittings: Chrome, brass and steel

Finish: Polished acrylic

Weight: 6.4oz (182gm)

Diameter: 2” (51mm)-at the gear shaped top and bottom

Height: 2-3/4”” (70mm)-from the eyepiece to the bottoms of the acorn nuts on the connecting screws

Item #: P4KSPk0237

Completed: 17 June 2021


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