Spalted Maple and Bloodwood

Spalted Maple and Bloodwood

SKU: P4RB0117

Rollerball in Spalted Maple with Bloodwood accent

Spalting in wood is a beginning of the decay process; and captured at the right time, show striking natural figure.  This rollerball pen combines spalted maple and contrasting bloodwood to achieve an elegantly subtle style.  Lengthwise bands of chatoyance highlight the surface of the maple.  Gold tone and black hardware completes this effect. The screw cap is postable.

Style:  Schneider rollerball, .5mm

Fittings:  Gold tone with black accents

Finish:  Semi-gloss urethane

Weight:  1.5oz (43.3gm)-total; .77oz (21.7gm)-body; .76oz (21.5gm)-cap

Diameter:  5/8” (15mm)-under the clip; 5/16” to 3/8” (8 to 10mm)-along the section grip, basically the area one would hold while writing with the pen.

Length:  5-5/16” (135mm)-cap on; 4-3/4” (121mm)-body without cap; 6-3/8” (162mm)-posted cap.

Item #:  P4RB0117

Completed:  27 July 2019