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Seam Ripper Large and Small Blades

Seam Ripper Large and Small Blades

SKU: P4SRD0102

Double Seam Ripper—Small and Large

This pastel multiple hued acrylic forms the handle of this seam ripper.  Two sizes of blade increase the usefulness of this needle worker’s tool.  Blades can be reversed for safety and convenience when using the different ends of the ripper.  The handle has been shaped and polished to be comfortable in your hand.  One feature of the handle is the slightly different sized ends.  This will help identify the blades when both are stored.

Fittings:  Chrome

Finish:  Polished acrylic

Weight:  1.5oz (42gm)

Diameter:  5/8” (16mm)-larger end; 9/16” (14mm)-smaller end

Length:  5-5/16” (135mm)-both blades stored; 6” (153mm)-small blade in use; 6-1/4” (159mm)-large blade in use

Item #:  P4SRD0102

Completed :  20 Dec 2018


    The blades can be stored inside the handle by simply pulling them from the handle, turning them so the blade is in the handle opening and pressing them in firmly  It is a friction fit.  Please refer to the photos.

    PLEASE BE CAREFUL!  The tips and cutting edges of the blades are sharp.

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