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Rollerball, bamboo and ribbon

Rollerball, bamboo and ribbon

SKU: P4RBS0026

Bamboo and ribbon

Laminated bamboo given a wavy cut and then bonded together with a ribbon in between the halves.


Style:  Schneider rollerball, screw off cover

Fittings:  Gold colored with black accents

Finish:  CA

Weight:  1.5oz (42gm)

Diameter:  9/16” (14mm)-under the clip; 5/16” (8.6mm)-above the tip, basically the area on would hold while writing with the pen

Length:  5-3/16” (132mm)-closed; 6-3/16” (158mm) open with the cap screwed on to the cap end

Item #:  P4RBS0026

Completed:  10 September 2017


    Like many finishes, CA (cyanoacrylate or 'Krazy Glue') finish is applied to the object while it spins on the lathe. At Penchant 4, as few as six or as many as twelve coats of CA can be applied to protect the decorative elements.  It is then polished and buffed to a high gloss. CA is considered to provide a very durable finish; but it is not indestructible.  Typically, CA finishes are only applied to wood or other organic materials.

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