Chatoyant Blue, Gold and Red & Chrome Click Ballpoint

Chatoyant Blue, Gold and Red & Chrome Click Ballpoint

SKU: P4BPC0235

The gold, blue and red colors each show chatoyance as the moves and light plays across its surfaces.  The chrome fittings glitter under the same light.  A reliable Schmidt mechanism extends and retracts the ballpoint.  The body screws apart at the center band when it is time to replace the Cross style refill.

Style:  Cross type refill in Schmidt click mechanism              

Fittings:  Chrome

Finish:  Polished acrylic

Weight:  0.8oz (23gm)

Diameter:  3/8” (9mm)-under the clip; 7/16” (10mm)-at the point just above the comfort flare grip

Length:  5-3/4” (145mm)

Item #:  P4BPC0235

Completed:  24 May 2021

  • Additional Information

    The Cross style refill is widely available, or can be requested from Penchant 4.  When the time comes to replace an exhausted refill, simply unscrew the upper and lower sections at the center band.  Remove the old refill being careful not to misplace the spring.  Transfer the spring onto the new refill; insert the refill into the lower section until the point appears through the hole in the nib.  Screw the sections back together and continue your writing experience.