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Buckeye Burl with black resin on a ballpoint pen

Buckeye Burl with black resin on a ballpoint pen

SKU: P4BPS0327

Random outlines have been laser cut into the Buckeye Burl cylinder.  These voids are filled with black resin.  Once the resin cures, usually in seven to ten days, the body is shaped and sanded to its final form.  After that, it is polished to highlight the glossy sheen of the cured resin.  When that step is complete, the body is assembled to the mechanism and fittings of the pen.


Style:  Twist with Parker type ballpoint

Fittings:  Metal grey and Black Chrome

Finish:  Satin lacquer on the wood body

Weight:  Overall 1.3 oz (37 gm)

Diameter:  1/2” (12 mm)-mid-point of the body; 3/8” (9 mm)- grip section; basically, the area one would hold while writing with the pen

Length:  5-3/16” (132 mm)


Item #:  P4BPS0327


Completed:  21 July 2023

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