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Leveche Fountain Pen in Bocote’, Canarywood, and red veneer with Bock #5 Fine Nib


The body of this fountain pen is decorated in a segmented wave of Bocote’ and Canarywood, with a wafer of red veneer bonded between them.  Like all of the metal fittings, the section is gold-plated; and houses a Bock #5 Fine nib with an Iridium tip.  Satin lacquer is used as the finish to protect the pen while preserving the natural look and feel of the wood.  A basic tune, writing test, and cleaning have been performed on the nib.  Cap to body threading is double start.


Style:  Fountain pen with international converter. A converter is supplied.

Cap postable:  Yes

Fittings:  Gold-plated

Finish:  Satin lacquer

Weight:  Overall 1.5 oz (42 gm) ; barrel 0.8 oz (21 gm); cap .75 oz (21 gm).  Weights are rounded, and include converter, without ink.

Diameter:  9/16” (14.5 mm)-mid-point of the cap; 5/16” (8 mm)-narrow part of the tapered grip section; basically, the area one would hold while writing with the pen; 1/2” (13 mm)-mid-point of the body.  Dimensions are rounded.

Length:  5-7/16” (138 mm)-capped; 5-1/8” (130 mm)-cap off; 2-7/16” (61 mm)-cap.


Item #:  P4FPVB5F0324


Completed:  3 July 2023

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