Blue kaleidoscope

Blue kaleidoscope

SKU: P4KAB0047

Blue Kaleidoscope

Look into the gold tone eyepiece at the end of the acrylic handle. The wand is filled with a combination of liquids, sparkles, and shapes. Hold the other end toward a light source with the wand up and down and the colored portion of the liquid toward the sky or ceiling. The heavy blue liquid, glitter and shapes will drop down the inside of the wand, passing the mirror chamber inside the acrylic handle. Twisting the wand adds to the visual display.


Fittings:  Gold color.

Finish:  Polished acrylic

Weight:  4.5oz (128gm)

Diameter:  1-1/2” (37mm)-at the acrylic handle; 7/16” (11mm mm)-at the wand

Length:  3-5/16” (83mm)-from the eyepiece through the acrylic handle to the base; 6-1/8” (157mm)-at the wand

Item #:  P4KAB0047

Built:  26 October 2017