Black, Gold, and Peachwood Pencil

SKU: P4.7S0071

Peach wood in Gold

Client provided the peach wood used to create this 0.7 millimeter lead half of a pen and pencil set.  Peach is not often seen in writing instruments.  Figuring of the wood is both subtle and striking.

Style:  .7 mm in click mechanism

Fittings:  Gold tone and black

Finish:  Polished wood

Weight:  1.1oz (32gm)

Diameter:  1/2” (12mm)-under clip; 7/16” (11mm)-above tip, basically the area one would hold the pen while writing

Length:  5-3/16” (132mm)

Item #:  P4.7S0071

Built:  19 August 2018


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