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Ballpoint & Pencil set in Maple and Walnut

Ballpoint & Pencil set in Maple and Walnut

SKU: P4BPCP_7S0035

Maple and Walnut Pen & Pencil Set

It is Maple and, it is Walnut and Maple...well actually; it is both.  The pencil is maple that has been wave cut with a wafer of walnut inserted between the halves.  The pen is wave cut walnut with a wafer of maple between the halves.  Both have been modified so the wood is full length rather than being two separate pieces.  Consequently, to extend the ballpoint or pencil lead, hold the cone tip and turn the body of the pen or pencil. The shared design elements include the subtle flared grip and grooves around the body.


Style:  PEN--Cross style refill in twist mechanism; PENCIL--.7mm lead in twist mechanism

Fittings:  Gold color

Finish:  CA

Weight:  PEN--1oz (26gm); PENCIL—1.1oz (31gm)

Diameter:  BOTH--7/16” (12mm)-under the clip; 3/8” (10mm) -above the tip, basically the area one would hold while writing with the pen

Length:  BOTH--5-5/8” (142mm)

Item #:  P4BPC/P.7S0035

Completed:  12 October 2017

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