Ballpoint, Bocote', Mopani & Tagua

Ballpoint, Bocote', Mopani & Tagua

SKU: P4BPC0034

Bocote’, Mopani, & Tagua Pen

Starting at the point, the Zaner-Bloser style flare is Tagua, sometimes called vegetable ivory for its similarity to animal ivory in color, texture and workability; Mopani, here predominantly the fine grained sapwood with a narrow band of heartwood on the reverse side; Bocote’ showing its distinct grain above and below the center band; and Mopani sapwood again at the clip end. The picture of the blank on the mandrel shows how this started out. The design change gives it much more character.


Style:  Cross style refill in twist mechanism

Fittings:  Chrome color with black accent on the center ring

Finish:  CA

Weight:  1oz (30gm)

Diameter:  7/16” (11mm)-under the clip; 3/8” (10mm)-above the tip, basically the area one would hold while writing with the pen

Length:  5-5/8” (143mm)

Item #:  P4BPC0034

Completed:  11 October 2017