Ballpoint, Bocote

Ballpoint, Bocote

SKU: P4BPC0003


Delicate but distinctive grain of Bocote marks this pen.  The third pen to come from the workshop, it is a favorite of mine.  It is lightweight and slender.


Style:  Cross type refill in twist mechanism

Fittings:  Chrome

Finish:  Friction

Weight:  0.85oz (24gm)

Diameter:  3/8” (10mm)-under the clip; 3/8” (10mm)-above the tip, basically the area one would hold while writing with the pen.

Length:  5-1/4” (133mm).

Item #:  P4BPC0003.

Completed:  5 June 2017


    Like many finishes, friction finish is applied to the object while it spins on the lathe. Pressure is maintained and the friction of that pressure creates heat that, in a sense boils off the solvent...typically denatured alcohol; and leaves behind the waxes and oils that compose the finish. Friction finishes may not be as durable as finishes like CA. My feeling is that friction finishes can deepen and enhance the natural qualities of wood such as grain and color. While a CA finish will make it bright and shiny, a good friction finish can bring out the depth of character in the piece of tree with which you write.