Ballpoint and Pencil Set in Wenge'

Ballpoint and Pencil Set in Wenge'

SKU: P4BPCS0159/P.5S0160

Wenge’ Heart and Sapwood in the Slender Ballpoint & Pencil Set


The rich chocolate brown of the heartwood contrasts and offsets the lighter cream hue of the sapwood.  Fine lines of natural figuring show up as short diagonal marks, especially in the sapwood.  Each of the lower bodies has a flare fashioned into the end just above the nib.  This provides enhanced writing comfort.

Style:  Cross type refill in a twist mechanism-pen.  0.5mm lead-pencil

Fittings:  Gold tone with black filled embossed center bands

Finish:  Semi-gloss lacquer-each

Weight:  0.6oz (18gm)-each

Diameter:  3/8” (9mm)-under the clip; 5/16” (8mm)-narrow neck of the comfort flare above the tip, basically the area one would hold while writing with the pen or pencil

Length:  5-1/4” (133mm)-each

Item #:  P4BPCS0159/P.5S0160

Built:  23 Mar 2020