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Ballpoint and Pencil Set in Ribbon Wave Bamboo

Ballpoint and Pencil Set in Ribbon Wave Bamboo

SKU: P4P.7S0178/BPPS0179

Bamboo and Ribbon Wave Segmented Pencil & Ballpoint Set


Look closely at the bamboo to see the subtle chatoyance amidst the random wave patterns of the red, blue, green and yellow ribbons that wend their way along the bodies of this set of writing instruments.  Each piece is fashioned in a different style to make it easier to select the pen or the pencil.  The pencil body has a more pronounced flare at the nib and the finial button has a flat end.  The pen body has a center band and the finial button has a slight dome.

Style:  0.7mm lead click-pencil.  Parker type refill in a click mechanism-pen. 

Fittings:  Gold tone

Finish:  Polished high gloss CA

Weight:  0.8oz (21gm)-pencil; 0.8pz (24gm)-pen

Diameter:  7/16” (11mm)- under the clip; 3/8” (9mm)-the narrow neck of the flare above the nib, basically the area one would hold while writing with the pen or pencil.

Length:  5-1/4” (134mm)-pencil; 5-5/16” (135mm)-pen

Item #:  P4P.7S0178/BPPS0179

Built:  25 Jul 2020-each

    $425.00 Regular Price
    $340.00Sale Price
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