Ballpoint, Abalone Applique Under Resin

Ballpoint, Abalone Applique Under Resin

SKU: P4BPP0198

Ballpoint with Resin Encapsulated Abalone Applique


Wafer thin strips of genuine Abalone shell are adhered to the central barrel of the pen.  This is then encapsulated in resin.  The Abalone flashes in shades of blue, green and red.  Tiny flecks of blue/purple color shift mica are suspended in the resin itself.  The fittings of this writing instrument are finished in a combination of satin steel and stain brass; and are embossed with interlocked rings above the nib and star shape on the finial cap.


Style:  Parker style medium black ballpoint refill in twist mechanism.

Fittings:  Satin steel and satin brass with embossed patterns.

Finish:  Polished resin

Weight:  1.8oz (51gm)

Diameter:  9/16” (14mm)-under the clip; 7/16” (11mm)-mid-point of the satin steel band between the interlocked ring embossing and the tip.

Length:  5-3/16” (132mm).


Item #:  P4BPP0198

Completed:  15 September 2020


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