Ballpoint, American Civil War theme

Ballpoint, American Civil War theme

SKU: P4BPP0027

Ballpoint, American Civil War theme

An American Civil War themed pen, with fittings reminiscent of the Minie’ ball bullets so widely used then. The pocket clip is a  ‘three band’ musket and the walnut was inspired by the wood used for rifle stocks.


Style:  Parker type refill in twist mechanism

Fittings:  Chrome

Finish:  CA

Weight:  1.7oz (47gm)

Diameter:  9/16” (14mm)-under the clip; 1/2” (13mm)-above the tip, basically the area one would hold while writing with the pen

Length:  4-7/8” (124mm)

Item #:  P4BPP0027

Completed:  17 September 2017


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