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Cross, or Parker?

Updated: Jun 23

A question came up about the difference between Cross and Parker types of ballpoint refills. They are both fine. The Cross refill, because of its thin profile, is used in smaller diameter pens. The Parker refill is usually found in larger pens. This is not a hard and fast rule however. The .50 caliber cartridge pen is available with either the Cross, or the Parker style refill.

Both styles are available in varieties of point sizes and colors of ink. The Parker style is also available in a gel ink.

Penchant 4's standard ballpoint pen is supplied with a Cross style, or a Parker style refill in black ink. Usually, the tip is medium point.

If you desire a brand name refill, whether it is Cross or Parker; then please let me know when you order. There will be an additional charge; but this is typically about $5 or $6 US.

Likewise, if you prefer an ink color other than black, or a different tip size; then please let me know that, too.

Cross and Parker are not owned by Penchant 4 and Penchant 4 makes no claim or representation of ownership of either names or any Trademarks. Penchant 4 is not endorsed, nor underwritten by either of these companies.

Cross style pen refill or Parker style pen refill?
Cross, or Parker?

The names are listed in alphabetical order.

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